Blockchain & Smart Contracts

Use-case mapping, prototyping and smart contract development in the decentralised world.

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Zero Knowledge Proofs

Researching real world applications of ZK proof systems in coersion resistant voting and membership lists.

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Development Team

We have a growing number of specialists to develop your idea further.
Adrian Guerrera

Adrian Guerrera

Blockchain Architect / Solidity Developer / Cryptography Researcher

Lana Ivina

Software Engineer / Blockchain Developer / Transaction Analyst
Rhys Kenny

Rhys Kenny

Art Director / UX / Product Development




Ethereum Evangelist | DAO Hack White Hat | Auditor of 50+ Smart Contracts
Sidney Minassian

Sidney Minassian

Founder Contexti & SalesNative | Angel Investor | Tech Advisor

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From solidity smart contracts, security audits, blockchain analytics and our latest project work.
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